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Memberships and User Profiles for WooCommerce – ProfileGrid WooCommerce Integration

This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Memberships and User Profiles for WooCommerce – ProfileGrid WooCommerce Integration


Sell more on WooCommerce with modern user profiles, user activities, content restriction, groups, memberships, and social e-commerce. Create WooCommerce User Profiles with the shopping cart, purchases, current orders, past orders, billing address, shipping address, purchase count, total spent, and social activities to take customer focus to the next level. Build customer loyalty and brand value by creating WooCommerce membership levels and integrating with other WooCommerce integrations through our Premium extensions.

Memberships and User Profiles for WooCommerce – ProfileGrid WooCommerce Integration currently supports following e-commerce platforms:

  • WooCommerce
  • EDD (to be available soon)

This plugin requires ProfileGrid Core Plugin to be installed & activated.

Immense possibilities to grow your e-commerce site with user profiles, membership and social commerce:

  • Retain your customers and reduce your churn rate.
  • Have your customer spend more after joining a membership program.
  • Turn your customers into elite members and brand ambassadors.
  • Sell more through network effect, word of mouth and social proof.
  • And, a lot more below.

Free Features – User Profiles & Memberships for eCommerce

  • Show all the purchases the user has made using the Purchases tab.
  • Display and edit the Shipping Address and Billing address in the User Profiles.
  • Display the total count of products purchased by the customer.
  • Show the Total Spent by a customer on the User Profile page.
  • WooCommerce Product Reviews tab displays product reviews submitted by customers.
  • WooCommerce Orders displays order history and order status.
  • The Purchase and Spent visibility can be set for:
    • Public
    • Only Group Membership Leader
    • Only Group Membership Members
    • Only Friends
    • Private

Free features through the core plugin


  • User Profiles elements include Cover Image, User Avatar, Username, User Group, Group Badge, Profile Navigation Menu, and About area. If required, the following optional social commerce elements are available: Messaging area, Friends area, and Notifications area
  • User directory displays all customers or registered users; if required, simple and advanced search options are available.
  • User Profile Templates are available; you can choose one of eight prebuilt templates.
  • Custom User Profile design is possible through page builders. We have created shortcodes for each user profile element; you can use these shortcodes in page builders and design the profile as per your needs.
  • User Profile Tabs are available for easy navigation; you can change the labels and order of these tabs as required.
  • Public or private user profile options are available on the site, group, or user levels.
  • Admin can selectively turn on or off the elements of user profiles.


  • Group/Membership elements include Membership Title, Membership Description, Membership Icon/ Badge, Registration button, and option to make membership open or closed.
  • Hide or Show group/membership details on the front end.
  • Set the members limit for the group membership.
  • Display a message when a customer is assigned a specific membership group.
  • The All Groups/Memberships page displays the membership levels on your site. Clicking on the membership group will take the user to members in that group. Use the All Group page to display membership levels or allow customers to sign up for a specific membership group.
  • Send emails to users when the following events trigger: membership request, membership acceptance or denial, membership termination, and more.


  • With a simple shortcode, allow the customer or registered user to submit or publish store blog posts, product-in-action images, and product experience blog posts.
  • Permit Private Messaging between customers as required. WordPress admin can turn the messaging system on or off.

Features through ProfileGrid free extensions

  • Control how the customer name will display in the account area.
  • Showcase customers in the hero banner and place it anywhere in the store as social proof.
  • Integrate with bbPress, MailPoet, RegistrationMagic forms, and EventPrime events.

Premium features through ProfileGrid & WooCommerce integration

WooCommerce Product Integration automatically adds users to a specific membership group when the customer purchases a particular product.

WooCommerce Subscription automatically adds a customer to the membership group when a customer purchases a WooCommerce subscription. The customer is automatically removed from the group membership when the subscription expires.

WooCommerce Members Discount automatically adds a custom discount on WooCommerce products based on customer membership level.

WooCommerce Wishlist Integration adds WooCommerce products to your customer wishlist. The product wishlist is available on the user profile page.

WooCommerce Product Recommendations displays suggestions on user profiles based on customer purchase history.

WooCommerce Product Tab allows adding a custom tab to the WooCommerce product page. Utilize this feature to display customer-specific data, discounts, or social proof, among other things.

WooCommerce Extensions Integration connects user profiles and membership of the ProfileGrid plugin to WooCommerce free & paid extensions. Currently, only a few extensions are supported.

Premium features through ProfileGrid extensions

User Profile Tabs: Add custom tabs to user profiles with data fetched from different plugins that use shortcodes. Ultimate tool for plugging in content from different plugins enhancing functionality of user.

Menu Restriction: Hide or show menu items on your site only to specific customers based on their membership group(s). Combine it with ProfileGrid’s core content restriction system to build a compelling e-commerce membership site.

Widget Privacy: Adds additional visibility options to all ProfileGrid widgets. Restrict information to intended customers. Create new instances of a widget to deliver different information to different customers.

Online Customers: Displays a list of currently online customers with their profile images and display names.

Customer Geolocation Map: Generate maps showing the location of all customers or customers of specific membership/groups.

Customer Activity: Display various activities by different customers inside a beautiful widget as social proof to build trust.

Recent Customers: Display a pre-defined number of recent customers with profile images. Add a custom link to the display as required.

Social/Group Wall: Add a new communication layer to leverage value from loyal customers.

Give all free features a try, and you will have awesome and unique tools to grow your e-commerce business. Or, Get ProfileGrid for WooCommerce.


  • Accessing this extension’s settings page
  • Turning on the extension features


  1. Download the plugin

  2. Go to your Dashboard and locate Plugins tab. Click on Upload Plugin and specify the path of downloaded plugin in the text box.

  3. Click on Activate Plugin


Xwejisun 16, 2023
I found this plugin to be a useful addition to any WordPress site that features e-commerce functionality. The plugin is designed to allow users to create their own profiles within your website, including important information like their name, contact details, and order history. One of the key benefits of this plugin is the ability to customize the user profiles based on your specific needs. For example, you can create custom fields that allow users to input information about their business or their specific interests. This can be incredibly helpful if you’re looking to personalize your interactions with customers and build stronger relationships. Another feature that I appreciated about this plugin is the integration with WooCommerce. This allows users to view their order history and track their shipments directly from their user profile, making it a more streamlined experience overall. The plugin is relatively easy to install and configure, and there is a helpful documentation section available on the ProfileGrid website that provides step-by-step instructions for setting up the various features. I also found that the customer support team was very responsive and helpful when I had questions or needed assistance with the plugin. Overall, I would definitely recommend Ecommerce User Profiles by ProfileGrid to anyone looking to enhance their e-commerce site with user profiles and personalized interactions with customers.
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