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Pixter Right Click Protect Images for WordPress


The best and simplest right click copy paste image protection for your WordPress Site images, powered by, with a built in solution to sell your prints, at no extra hassle.

Upon Optional Registration, you can also take advantage of opening a store account, and selling your images in a variety of cool print products, with no hassle. We do it all for you, from payment to fulfillment and support to users after they purchase your product.

Disabling the right click action on your site is possible, but is not the full solution to protecting illegal use of your images. So Don’t just disable right click, make it work for you!

Yes, this plugin can prevent your site images from being copy pasted, downloaded, or otherwise stolen, with a simple tool that disables right click on the site. The plugin is simple, with no configurations necessary, and takes care to protect you from users trying to use a right click. It’s the first line of defence if you’re interested in preventing theft from your site. But there’s more.

In addition to protecting images, this will also work on your default WordPress gallery and other leading image galleries and lightbox utilities such as NextGen, PhotoGallery, Responsive LightBox, and many more. Let us know if you’d like us to support a specific one and we’ll do our best.

On top of this plugin, we offer the option of letting your users buy the image from you, through custom made-to-order prints on any number of cool products like canvas, poster, mugs, magnets, shirts, and much much more.

To enable the store option on top of an image, make sure to activate, to see the buttons in action on your site images. A button appears on the corner of your image on the site. The plugin does nothing else, we do not inject ads or malicious elements into your site and we’re 100% safe.


  • Your website gets protection from content theft
  • PLUS you get a significant revenue share from every order of photo prints on a variety of products, on your online store.
  • We provide all the solution. With support and online tracking of the orders from your shop. The image is printed on the product, shipped to your user, and you gain additional income with little hassle.
  • We work on most WP popular image galleries too.

How it Works’s plugin users simply JavaScript and CSS commands to disable copy paste right clicks. It also creates button widgets on any graphic element, photo, image or picture you choose on your site for free. Once you users click it, an overlay is triggered in your site, where they can choose to print it on a variety of products from the Pixter gallery and ship it worldwide through our integrated commerce solution. It’s that easy, it’s that free!

Build a Store

Create your very own store and sell your site images with an online store for free, through a beautiful gallery, with a simple and slick interface button on every image. Bring your site’s images as well as your instagram, Facebook, pinterest images to life through irresistible photo products you can sell online. Make money from a simple widget and help your community support your site. Once installed, the plugin can be configured within the Wordrpess admin, and includes advanced plugin features in a dedicated control panel for your account on

Prints are available on:

  • Coffee Mug
  • Canvas Print
  • Gallery Wrapped Canvas
  • Framed Canvas
  • Smartphone Case
  • Magnets
  • Premium Magnets
  • Flat Card
  • Photo Card
  • Greeting Card
  • Invitation
  • Poster
  • Tote Bag
  • Canvas Bag
  • T-shirt
  • Got another idea? send us a support request and we’ll make it happen!

Make your content site, photography showcase, art album, photo slideshow or image slider into a wonderful product to be sold to your visitors without commerce solution, for free. We print on canvas, photo paper, mugs, magnets, and endless and growing selection of products.


  • Easy installation
  • Great user experience for commerce
  • High quality products
  • Reliable packaging
  • Sell images on your site as photo products
  • Optional Sales-promoting UI elements to include on your website
  • Instant activation of a full free package: On-site Photo Products Store, Checkout and payment, Printing, shipping and customer service.

Make Money

Once installed and registered, we provide your with a cut of the revenue for each transaction on the store. We take care of everything from printing to shipping and even assist with support 24/7.

Your full account details are mailed to your once you register, and options for payment are visible in your account.

It’s a great way to make money, and increase your income and revenue from your WordPress website. If you don’t like ads, this program is especially effective, while also enhancing your brand and image with your fans.

Feedback and Support

Don’t hesitate to give your feedback or [email us] (mailto: It will help us make the plugin better. Don’t hesitate to rate the plugin too. We take all reviews and support calls very seriously.


  • Prevent Right Click menu from appearing
  • Adds a “Get Print” option for users to buy the image
  • A variety of print options


  1. Install the plugin through your WP admin.
  2. Activate it, don’t forget!
    Once activated you will need to register to see buttons on your site images. In order to earn money for your merchandize, you must register to in the plugin page on your admin.

Buttons are displayed at corner of the image, and once clicked open a store. The user will not be redirected away from your site.


  1. Why connect to
  2. Who is for?
  3. How does work?
  4. How much does it cost?
  5. What does a Publisher account include?
  6. What is my profit margin?
  7. What else do I have to do?
  8. What’s the product quality like?
  9. How much do users pay?
  10. What kinds of products can be created using
  11. What’s the revenue model?
  12. Is your solution secure?
  13. Do you have a refund policy?
  14. Am I able to see or track the progress of orders?
  15. Why should I use image protection
Why connect to lets you offer your users new value-added services while instantly creating new ways to monetize your WordPress site. With, your users can easily order photo products featuring your images or brand from within your WP website. That’s because automatically converts any image into amazing photo-products that can be shipped anywhere in the world. Your users click on a button to place their order and we take care of the rest – from populating and managing your “in-store” experience to helping you market it on your site to handing all the printing and shipping logistics. It’s what we do!

Who is for? is for designed specifically for WordPress websites that are looking for creative new ways to extend their brand offerings to users and create exciting new monetization channels. We believe in enabling a win-win partnership that benefit website owners and the users they serve. We also offer additional services which you can check out on our platform for apps and Facebook fan pages.

How does work?

Getting started with is easy. A simple one-line integration is all it takes to add a store to your WordPress website. Just include our plugin in your site and an “Order Prints” button will be added to images on your site. offers a full “out of the box” solution that takes care of everything else from there, seamlessly and painlessly. No need to set up a payment account or provide customer support. takes care of it all from setting up your integrated on-site photo-products store with UI and payment to production, shipping and customer service. We also offer a “plug&play” instant solution for website with image Galleries where we scan the websites for images and locate “Order printed” buttons next to them. For Facebook pages as well as for WordPress websites we offer an “instant” connection with the click of a button. In other words, we do the work –you enjoy the revenue income.

How much does it cost?

As a WP website owner, integration with the API is absolutely free of charge. We believe our service brings value to you and the way we get paid is when you see success, based on revenue share, while you decide what the price margins are. We give it to you for free, and you get as much control and we can possible give you.

What does a Publisher account include?

A plugin can open an account, which allows you to configure your integrated store and follow your product sales in real time. You can also access additional business and production information as well as download financial reports to track your store’s performance. While our “out of the box” offering means you can get started right away, it’s also possible to custom-tailor your store, to modify its appearance, select products, and set your own prices and margins.

What is my profit margin?

Our goal is to make your stores as valuable for you as possible! How much you make using depends on you. We offer two business models – our default, allows you to set your own account margin. This margin is effective for all the products you sell. The default, “out-of-the-box” margin is 20% but you can change it and set any margin you want. With our second business model you have the flexibility to set your precise prices and margins per product. Your profit from your store therefore depends on whatever margin you set over the products Base Prices. Note that 4% off your margin will be deducted in order to cover the Payment Processing Services. An example of profit calculation: In case you set your margin to 50%, so for an example Product Base Price of $50, The Customer price will therefore be $100 and your profit will be $50 minus $2 for the Payment Processing. Altogether, your profit in such case is $48.

What else do I have to do?

Nothing. is a complete end-to-end service that includes the shopping experience, payment processing, delivery logistics and customer service. So you can do what you do best and let us take care of the rest. Just consider us your own global print, production and delivery service!

What’s the product quality like?

Your satisfaction as well as your users’ satisfaction is very important to us. Our products are created with a focus on providing only the highest quality and constantly exceeding expectations. This goes for all the products we create and is reflected in our “100% satisfaction guaranteed” approach to customer service and support.

How much do users pay?

What your users pay depends on the type of products ordered and the delivery destination. We continuously validate the market to make sure our prices are competitive and fair.

What kinds of products can be created using currently supports 9 main product families: Canvas prints, Greeting cards, Invitations, Premium Magnets, Smartphone cases, Mugs, Tote-bags and T-shirts. Plus new products are continuously being added based on demand. We already offer additional products for specific projects so if you’re interested in a product that is not included in the above list, please contact us directly for more details!

What’s the revenue model? is based on a revenue sharing model that compensates everyone involved, including website and app owners, our print service providers and We believe this model serves all parties to ensure our products are constantly improving and meeting the highest standards in quality and service.

Is your solution secure?

Our Cloud-based servers are well protected and we use PayPal-cased clearance (for both PayPal and credit cards) that applies a high level of security as well as fraud detection.

Do you have a refund policy? has a 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed policy. Our goal is to exceed your users’ expectations by delivering superior product quality and customer service and we invest a lot in making that happen. With the exception of very rare cases of service abuse, provides a 100% refund upon request.

Am I able to see or track the progress of orders?

Yes. This can be done via our Publishers portal.

Why should I use image protection?

You shall use it in case you would like to add a level of protection to your site image and by that make it harder to reach your images and use them without your permission.


woosun 15, 2016 1 reply
I have the box for “Turn Pixter Right Click Protect Images for Wordpress Print Store plugin:” checked. And the full right click context menu appears, including Save Image! All other options are off. Does this plugin work with the configuration just to turn off image right click?
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